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TCS Trade expenses / Requirement analysis solution

This is the world's first trade specialized uni-solution that simply and precisely analyzes
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You may generally search upon the HS Code classification
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We'll directly check the status of the exempted amount, tariff amount,
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Overseas Direct Import Q&A

What is an overseas direct import?

It is purchasing directly from overseas.

Traditionally, it means that you trade directly through electronic commerce means such as the Internet, not through intermediary trade brokers.

There are some exceptions to the overseas direct import that an individual does, but it is definitely a trade and it is the import of goods among them.

Why do overseas direct import?

There are usually three reasons.

1People are expecting that they can buy products cheaper than the domestic market.

2If you buy a small quantity for personal use, the procedure is not complicated.

3This is because it is not in the domestic market.

What are the institutional benefits of overseas direct import? (3 benefits of overseas direct import)

1Tariff exemption, and discount of consumption and value added taxes

If some conditions are fulfilled, the tariff would be exempted and 30% DC would be given to consumption and value added taxes.

2Exemption from requirements for each item

3Expedited clearance

If some conditions are fulfilled, the clearance would be fast with only just paper reviews.

What are the key conditions for enjoying 3 benefits of overseas direct import?

1You must purchase for personal use (purpose of self-use).

2The goods must be included in the list for the importation of retailing of cross-border E-commerce[跨境电子商务零售进口商品清单].

3Goods must be complied with the special conditions by item.

4Must not exceed the purchasing amount limit of 5,000 Yuan per once and the annual limit of 26,000 Yuan.

5Documentations of proof of transfer, payment and transportation(so called, 'the three proofs) should must be prepared.

What if it does not meet the conditions of 3 benefits of overseas direct import?

Still, overseas direct import (direct purchase) is possible.

But there is no benefit.

1All customs duties and other internal taxes must be paid by law.

2You must declare an import declaration in accordance with the requirements set for each item.

However, meeting the requirements is very difficult in terms of preparation time, cost, and implementation.

3To the goods, the formal clearance is required, not the expedited one.

You need to declare about 70 items at the competent customs offices, and then get the certificate of import declaration after the reviews, which are not an easy procedure. In addition, the importation can't be done under a personal name. Otherwise, the quality of importing and/or exporting cargo should be acquired, or the importations must be done by an agency, resulting additional expenses, deservingly.

How do I know if I can enjoy 3 benefits of overseas direct import in advance?

You can run this program.

What if it does not meet the conditions of 3 benefits of overseas direct import?

In case that the formal clearance is required, or the price of the goods is cheap, you can receive them as personal parcel.

If you look around the program, you would find the detailed information such as from tariff and various internal taxes to pay for a formal clearance, requirements to be fulfilled in advance and determination of other remissions. In case of the receipt as personal parcel, the tax calculation and other factors should be done at the web-site( on your own, or please click the shortcut button for view the result screen instruction.


In the meantime, I bought my favorite cookies from the US without any problem.

Why does this program ask me to pay customs duties, internal taxes and do customs clearance?


In the meantime you are lucky.

Customs enforcement personnel are always scarce and usually do random sampling tests. It will not happen by chance and it will take some time. Even if you cross the street, it is the same as having a high probability of not being robbed.

I have been through the Overseas direct import agency and have had no problems. Do you need to look so hard?

What you did was ask for an , not through an . Overseas direct import agency does not do business at loss.

Is there anything that you can not expect from the 3 benefits of overseas direct import due to the nature of the goods itself?

Of course.

1Goods not included in the list for the importation of retailing of cross-border E-commerce[跨境电子商务零售进口商品清单] can never be imported as the mean of ODP.

2Even if the goods are included in the list above-mentioned, they can't be imported as the mean of ODP if they don't comply with the specific requirements.

3The price of goods must not exceed the amount limit per once, or per year.

4Goods whose three documentations of proof can't be provided from the seller or distributor also can't be imported as the mean of ODP.

All the conditions above-mentioned are well instructed in this program, and the detailed instructions for each are attached with.

What are the standard for distinguishing between personal use and commercial purpose in overseas direct import?

For commercial purposes, you will not be able to enjoy the3 benefits of overseas direct import without having to follow other conditions.


A personal item refers to any item that is not intended for commercial use as a small quantity item to be used for self-service (self-use items) or to be presented to nearby relatives.

Commercial goods means goods sold outside or used for your own or others' business.

Classification standard - Swearing black is white does not work.

Whether it is for personal use or for commercial purposes, apparently it is not exposed, and only the purchaser of the products knows how to use it.

So, at first glance, all items of overseas direct import will always be claimed for private use, but it's not really so.

There is no absolute standard in the law, but it is helpful to refer to below.

  • If the purchaser declares it to be commercial, it is always considered commercial.
  • The very first determination whether the goods are for personal, or commercial, is made by the discretion of the competent customs officer under the relevant laws. Therefore, if they say no, then it's not.
  • Customs officers can not judge freely, and judge them roughly on the basis of common sense. (Judging based on purchase motivation, property of the article, quantity, price, use, explanation of the self, etc.)
  • The most important thing is the quantity purchased and whether it is purchased frequently.


1Case judged to be commercial

  • A case in which 20 pieces of polo shirts of the same design were claimed as personal use purpose
  • If you bought 12 pairs of Nike shoes at a time
  • If you bought 20 bottles of health supplements for 3 months per 1 bottle at a time
  • If you purchased five smartphones or tablet PCs at once
  • If you purchased 1KG of dried sea cucumber etc.

2Examples got recognition as a personal use

  • If you bring 50 sample cosmetics in small bottles
  • If you purchase seven assembly toys
  • If you purchase a variety of personal items (hairpins, straps, beauty products, clothing, etc.)
  • If you purchased three purses
  • If you purchased 10 scarves, etc.


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