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1.If I register the business information and product
what are the benefits?

  • ▪ You can receive business inquiries from people around the world.
  • ▪ You can directly make a contract with the corresponding party under the consensus with the inquirer.
  • ▪ Your introduction will be exposed and publicized for being targeted by business, product and nation, to the users of our web-site.

2.Is there any
special benefits from general users?

  • ▪ For those who registered, they'll be provided with special benefits such as using various contents of our web-site free of charge.
  • ▪ For company/product(s) registered, we provide you with preferential opportunities to contact with customers.
  • ▪ We'll consider of you preferentially for every content to be newly made in the future..

3.How are
the registration procedures?

  • ① Those who wish to should click the 'register business/product' and fill out the boxes and then request for the authorization. Each box is attached with instruction for your easier understanding.
  • ② You can be active instantly once authorized from the web-site admin after the request. If not, the reason shall be sent to you, and your re-application with supplement is welcome.
  • ③ If you upload in multiple languages, the range of exposing your information and the frequency become advantageous, so we recommend you to do so.

4.Is there any
precaution to follow?

  • ▪ If you upload false or illegal information, the account shall be deleted instantly, and the registration becomes unavailable.
  • ▪ If you upload inaccurate information, you'll lose the confidence to the opponents, and the disadvantages thereof might occur.
  • ▪ Our web-site operates the long-term company information evaluation and, in case of the failure to fulfill the minimum standard, your right might be disqualified.

5.How much
does it cost?

  • Registering is free of charge, and companies active lively shall be given more benefits.

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